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    Between now and 2030, the number of people over 65 living in North America will more than double. This next generation of retirees will be the longest-lived, best educated and most affluent in history. These retirees will rightfully expect to maintain a high quality of life for as long as possible. They will demand a level of service that only the Intellicare Network can provide. Intellicare Network plans to answer this demand by providing powerful solutions geared at prolonging your ability to take care of yourself, or assist you in taking care of someone you love.


Our goals at Intellicare Network/Navi-Call parallel our successful industry partners, always striving to improve seniors lives and enriching their caregivers with efficiency in technology while being fiscally responsible.  We may not sell you a new wireless nurse call system.  At Intellicare Network/Navi-Call, our goal is to assist you in making your wireless nurse call system more efficient, leveraging your existing infrastructure.  We do that by listening.  We don’t like to think of Navi-Call as a traditional wireless emergency call system; we like to think of Navi-Call as an important link in your united communications systems.


Navi-Call is a better investment in that 10 or 15 years from now as technology continues to develop you won’t have to replace your system.  Navi-Call has an on-board logic-level serial port so new technology can be loaded within seconds and turn on advanced features already on-board.


  • Navi-Call’s features are unsurpassed
  • Upgradable technology, NCIS and NCIS Premier software, superior notification options through Smart devices, radios, etc.
  • Hidden “Staff Assist” button.
  • Sleek design consistent with all models though all levels of senior care.
  • A myriad of on-board features that can be turned on or off as your facility or resident needs change

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Warranty and Service

Navi-Call’s standard warranty is two years.  If a competitor has a better warranty, tell us about it.  We will exceed it.

For Navi-Call to become the leader in wireless emergency call systems, our service has to also be superior.  We want to set high expectations in this regard.

If we stumble, we want to know about it, learn from it and improve our service.  Emailing service@navi-call.com gets you directly to the owners and our VP/Manager of Technical Services

Proudly Made in the USA

We are Made in the USA, and very proud of that!  We have spent two long years designing Navi-Call before it’s release; we didn’t spend a single second deciding on where it would be developed, manufactured or distributed from.

We have had exposure to many wireless call systems.  The folks at Intellicare Network with their Navi-Call system have outdone themselves as far as system features and service.

Jayson Wickard President / CEO of Advanced Communications

I have known the owners of Intellicare Network, the developer of Navi-Call, for many years.  They brought to our project some innovative ideas that let us give our residents and staff some enriching features, like controlling their over-bed lights, interfacing with our Cisco IP phones, lighting attractive area scones and neighborhood displays.

Mary GedroseRN Director of Anderson County Residential Living Center

Our sister company has sold, installed and serviced senior care facilities for nearly 20 years by providing high-quality products and reliable service. Among other products, we sold hard-wired and wireless nurse call systems.

Intellicare Network was formed out of a desire to take the nurse/emergency call segment of our business to a new level. After years of experience in wireless emergency call systems, we at ICN saw the need for a system that we could literally future-proof, offering more features, solving more challenges, and yet accomplishing this cost-effectively while manufacturing the entire system in the USA. Thus, Navi-Call was borne.

  • Products & Services

    A full line of ICN’s senior care and personal emergency response products and services, including Intellicare Network’s own Navi-Call Emergency Call Systems for all levels of acuity, along with strategic partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers.

  • Safety & Security

    The latest safety and security products designed to ensure independent living for seniors and people with special needs.

  • Monitoring & Notification

    A full array of intelligent healthcare products with advanced monitoring and notification capability.

  • Proudly Made in America

    A North American network of service providers for local sales and service.