Our feature rich suite of products is able to meet the needs of almost any nursing home or assisted living facility in America.
We have Navi-Call installations in over 27 states and are constantly expanding into new areas of the country with the same positive feedback everywhere we go.

  • Mobile Device Compatability

    Receive alarm notifications and other useful information straight to your mobile device

  • Constant Updates

    We take feedback and knowledge from our clients and partners to implement the most helpful and impactful features to constantly stay up to date with the market

  • Made in the USA

    All of our software and hardware is produced in America

Instant Results

  • Quick Delivery

    Average message delivery time is less than 5 seconds.  When seconds count we ensure quick message delivery to many types of devices.

  • Robust Reporting

    Our reporting engine is extremely versatile.  Running a complex report for the entire for facility or a simple report for a specific Resident is easy.  Reports can be run from a single, simple screen in just a few clicks and provide the exact data you need.

  • Experience

    With over 20 years experience in the industry we know what it takes to ensure a reliable system you can trust.  Our products exceed expectations and provide the peace of mind you can count on.


States and One Territory in Canada with our Products.


Devices Installed


Delivery of data from sensors to the server.


Support to meet your needs

Today’s senior care facilities face new challenges as we move into the future. Let our team at Intellicare Network or one of our Authorized Resellers show you how Navi-Call can help solve those challenges.