Senior care facilities face many new and differing challenges; one solution does not fit all. Navi-Call offers two flexible software options.
Let us show you how NCIS or NCIS Premier can help manage your emergency call system but also perform many functions not traditionally performed by your emergency call system.

Rich Feature Set

  • Ultimate Flexibility

    NCIS and NCIS Premier can be customized to meet any preference.  With fine grained tuning available as well as many easy to implement default settings, NCIS is usable out of the box as well as in the most complex of environments with a few simple customizations.

  • Immediate Notification

    Our robust engine for message handling utilizes the latest technology to ensure immediate delivery of messages to the appropriate caregiver every time.

Call systems should have different levels of priority, depending on the resident’s needs. NCIS and NCIS Premier get the right call priority to the appropriate caregiver immediately.
NCIS Premier also performs management functions passively, from resident check-in to automated announcements (individual and group) for scheduled activities – doctor’s appointments, facility events, information announcements and much more.

Robust Reporting

  • Simple Reporting Interface

    With less than 5 clicks you can run over 500 report variations in just seconds.

  • Report Preview

    Before saving or printing your report you can view all of the information in the report in the versatile report viewer built-in to the application.

  • Easy to Interpret

    Our reports are instantly color coded to your preferences and give helpful information at a glance for quick interpretation and understanding of the performance of your facility.

  • Message Tracking

    Our latest addition to reporting is the addition of up to the second message tracking of all communication from mobile users.  See response times and messages sent for every alarm.


Report Variations


Sensor Types


Tracking of all alarms


Support to meet your needs

Today’s senior care facilities face new challenges as we move into the future. Let our team at Intellicare Network or one of our Authorized Resellers show you how Navi-Call can help solve those challenges.